Product of the Week

Product of the Week (3): DressagePro supplements
Product of the Week · 19. februari 2024
Performing in the Prix St.Georges (Lily WS) and at 1.35m level (Mogwai WS) asks a lot of strength and endurance of these young horses. Feeding them well is so important and maybe it’s nice to share this with you.

Product of the Week (2): Flex-On stirrups
Product of the Week · 05. februari 2024
Since I have these I never loose my stirrups... To improve your posture and leg position on your horse, you have to be sure you don’t slip out of your stirrups. These ones by Flex-on will help you!

Product of the Week (1): D-trens / D-snaffle
Product of the Week · 02. januari 2024
"Which bit do you use for young horses?" I receive this question several times a week and I have decided to regularly post a ‘Product of the Week’. Hopefully this helps you with finding the right equipment for your horse(s).