Product of the Week (3): DressagePro supplements

What I feed my horses...

Performing in the Prix St.Georges (Lily WS) and at 1.35m level (Mogwai WS) asks a lot of strength and endurance of these young horses. Feeding them well is so important and maybe it’s nice to share this with you.


For many years I have great results with Cavalor (no sponsorship if you think this) and since a few months I give my sport horses supplements by DressagePro. You could all see they both are extremely fit.

What do they get:

- Cavalor Sport Action Pellet (3 times a day: Lily gets half a scoop, Mogwai one scoop)

- Cavalor Action Mix (half a scoop a day)

- Almost unlimited hay of good quality and they can eat from their straw bed


From DressagePro they both get:

- Sport bundle (MotionPro & ActivePro)

- I give Lily WS the EasePro supplements the days before she goes on transport for the show (she doesn’t like that so much)


A great way to support your horse.


Good news: You can order the DressagePro supplements HERE with discount!

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