sport horses


Montender x Corland x Indoctro

KWPN ster- and prok mare, 2014

1.30m level

kiekeboe ws

Dieu Merci x Cantos

KWPN gelding, 2015


Lily WS

George Clooney x Johnson x Scandic 

KWPN dressage mare, 2016

Under the saddle, foal in 2020

Melody ws

Fellini x Scandic x Mantovani

KWPN dressage mare, 2017

Saddle broken

Enya de talma

Chin Chin x Diamant de Semilly x Cento

SF mare, 2014

Young horses / brood mares


Ustinov x Ircolando x Voltaire

KWPN Elite mare, 2009

1.30m level / brood mare

macrera ws

Carrera VDL x Burggraaf x Libero H

KWPN stallion, 2017

mogwai ws

Eldorado vd Zeshoek x Ustinov

KWPN stallion, 2017


Pontos Ws

Justice HL x Animo

KWPN colt, 2020

nehalennia ws

Carrera VDL x Burggraaf x Damiro
KWPN mare, 2018



oberon ws

Daily Diamond x Johnson x Scandic

KWPN colt, 2019



ozzy ws

Chacoon Blue x Ustinov x Ircolando

KWPN colt, 2019

odette k ws

George Z x Bustique x Denver W

KWPN mare, 2019


Indian Rock x Ampere x Jazz

KWPN colt, 2020

Pac-man ws

Secret x George Clooney x Johnson

KWPN colt, 2020

Player ws

Pegase van 't Ruytershof x Ustinov

KWPN colt, 2020


Surrogate mares


2020: Pregnant of embryo by Jovian out of Lily WS



2020: Pregnant of embryo by Secret out of Lily WS