Product of the Week (1): D-trens / D-snaffle

"Which bit do you use for young horses?" I receive this question several times a week and I have decided to regularly post a ‘Product of the Week’. Hopefully this helps you with finding the right equipment for your horse(s).
The answer on the question above:
  • I love to use D-ring snaffles because they lie more quietly in the mouth of a (young) horse
  • If it is single or double jointed, it doesn’t matter to me
  • Don’t prefer thin mouth pieces, mine are at least 14/16mm thick and 12,5cm wide
On the video you can see two different D ring snaffles
  1. A single jointed D-ring snaffle
  2. The Sprenger Max Control. I bought this one a long time ago for a stronger horse, but it turns out: this bit is very suitable for young horses. Yes, it has a locking mechanism when the horse gets strong or is against the rider’s hand, but they accept it very easily and like it because it lies very well and stable in the mouth.
Where to order:
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Bitten voor jong paard

Snaffle for young horse